Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Slave Catcher Goes Live

I am extremely excited to announce that my new release, The Slave Catcher, is officially available on Amazon for the monstrously expensive price of  $.99. 

Here is the blurb:

Genre: Science Fiction, LGBT
16,000 words

Star City, best known for its brothels and casinos, is one of the few planets in the quadrant that outlaws slavery—for everyone, that is, except the galaxy bullies, the Borathians. Telepaths and recent conquerors of a backwards planet named Earth, the Borathians are simply too powerful to refuse. A special treaty allows them to bring their pleasure slaves or “bonds” onto the planet, and if one escapes, they have five days to recover him.

Sam Beron, private locator, may have been born on a Maradi space cruiser, but Star City is his home now and he’d say he despises slavery as much as any native. Unfortunately, a run of bad luck at the casino tables leaves him flat broke and scavenging expired military rations out of a neighboring dumpster. Next thing he knows, the Borathians are offering him a fortune to track down one of their escaped bonds, a beautiful Earth boy named Liam. What's a hungry locator to do?

And just in case the blurb wasn't enough of a hint, here is the content warning:

Warning: Adult readers only: Erotic M/M Content, BDSM elements, Dubious Consent. This story contains a morally, financially, and sartorially challenged alien PI, some gorgeous if foul-mouthed earth boys, and explicit descriptions of sexual, ahem, congress between the same. If you disapprove of bad words, ugly Aloha shirts, or sexual congress with alien species please do not read this book.

I have also put together a board on Pinterest with some fun images of the characters, Star City, and other inspirational pictures.

I hope you enjoy it!

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